Lip Balm………..Your Lips Will Be Amazing

Mint Chocolate – My favorite flavor of all is mint chocolate and this lip balm is perfection.

Crystal Light – There are only two ingredients in this awesome DIY lip stain.

Lavender Vanilla Scrub – Don’t forget to exfoliate. Your lips will love this sugar scrub.


Chia Coconut – This Chia tea infused lip balm smells great and feels amazing.

Real Fruit Flavor – Love the fruity flavor but can’t figure out how to get it? This will show you!

 Honey + Cinnamon – This lip balm has a great smell and is completely non-toxic.

Kool-Aid – Choose your favorite scent and color of Kool-Aid to make your own lip balm. Pink Lemonade sounds perfect.


Jello – If you don’t like the color of Kool-Aid, then try Jello. 

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